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Date1 Title (links to the preprint) Author(s) Publication
Jan 15 Bright solitary waves in a Bose-Einstein condensate and their interactions pdfps K. Kärkkäinen, A. D. Jackson, G. M. Kavoulakis Phys. Rev. A 78 (2008) 033610
Jan 15 Geometry of Orbifolded Supersymmetric Lattice Gauge Theories pdfps P.H. Damgaard and S. Matsuura Phys. Lett. B B661:52-56,2008
Feb 12 Finite Volume Scaling of Pseudo Nambu-Goldstone Bosons in QCD pdfps F.Bernardoni, P.H.Damgaard, H.Fukaya and P.Hernandez JHEP 0810:008,2008
Feb 13 Fidelity and Entanglement of a Spatially Extended Linear Three-Qubit Register pdfps R. Doll, M. Wubs, S. Kohler, P. Hanggi Int. J. Quant. Inf. 6, 681 (2008)
Feb 29 Unparticles and inflation pdfps H. Collins, R. Holman Phys. Rev. D 78:025023,2008
Mar 17 Individual Eigenvalue Distributions of Chiral Random Two-Matrix Theory and the Determination of F(pi) pdfps G.Akemann and P.H.Damgaard JHEP 0803:073,2008
Mar 21 Two-flavor QCD simulation with exact chiral symmetry pdfps S.Aoki, H.Fukaya, S.Hashimoto, K-I.Ishikawa, K.Kanaya, T.Kaneko, H.Matsufuru, M.Okamoto, M.Okawa, T.Onogi, A.Ukawa, N.Yamada, T.Yoshie Phys. Rev. D D78:014508,2008
Apr 12 Brownian warps for non-rigid registration pdfps M. Nielsen, P. Johansen, A. D. Jackson, B. E. Lautrup, S. Hauberg J. Math. Imaging and Vision 31 (2008) 221-231
May 08 Deriving CSW rules for massive scalar legs and pure Yang-Mills loops pdfps R. Boels, C. Schwinn JHEP 0807:007,2008
May 15 Hopf Algebra Symmetry and String Theory pdfps T. Asakawa, M. Mori. S. Watamura Prog. Theor. Phys. 120,659
May 29 CSW rules for massive matter legs and glue loops pdfps R. Boels, C. Schwinn Nucl.Phys.Proc.Suppl. 183:137-142,2008
Jun 05 Convergence of the chiral expansion in two-flavor lattice QCD pdfps J. Noaki, S. Aoki, T.W. Chiu, H. Fukaya, S. Hashimoto, T.H. Hsieh, T. Kaneko, H. Matsufuru, T. Onogi, E. Shintani, N. Yamada Phys. Rev. Lett. 101:202004,2008
Jun 26 S-parameter and pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone boson mass from lattice QCD pdfps E. Shintani, S. Aoki, H. Fukaya, S. Hashimoto, T. Kaneko, H. Matsufuru, T. Onogi, N. Yamada Phys. Rev. Lett. 101:242001,2008
Jun 30 Cosmic ray protons in the energy range $10^{16}-10^{18.5}$ eV: stochastic gyroresonant acceleration in hypernova shocks? pdfps Yi-Zhong Fan Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 389,1306-1310
Jul 16 Qubit coherence decay down to threshold: influence of substrate dimensions pdfps R. Doll, P. Hanggi, S. Kohler, M. Wubs Eur. Phys. J. B Eur. Phys. J. B, 68 4 (2009) 523
Aug 05 Magnetized GRB outflow model: weak reverse shock emission and short energy transfer timescale pdfps Yi-Zhong Fan AIP Conf. Proc. 1065 (2008) 159-164
Aug 19 MHV, CSW and BCFW: field theory structures in string theory amplitudes pdfps R. Boels, K.J. Larsen, N.A. Obers, M. Vonk JHEP 11(2008)015
Aug 20 The absence of fragmentation in Bose-Einstein condensates pdfps A. D. Jackson, G. M. Kavoulakis, M. Magiropoulos Phys. Rev. A 78 (2008) 063623
Aug 26 Instanton Counting and Dielectric Branes pdfps S. Matsuura JHEP 0809:083
Oct 28 Implementation of the Duality between Wilson Loops and Scattering Amplitudes in QCD pdfps Yuri Makeenko, Poul Olesen Phys. Rev. Lett. 102:071602,2009
Oct 30 Trans-Planckian relics in the scalar to tensor ratio pdfps H. Collins
Nov 10 Cores and Cusps in the Dwarf Spheroidals pdfps N.W. Evans, J. An, M.G. Walker Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 393,L50-L54
Nov 26 Matter density perturbations in modified gravity models with arbitrary coupling between matter and geometry. pdfps Savvas Nesseris Phys. Rev. D D79:044015,2009
Nov 27 Single impurity operators at critical wrapping order in the beta-deformed N=4 SYM pdfps F. Fiamberti, A. Santambrogio, C. Sieg, D. Zanon JHEP 0908:034,2009
Dec 15 The Chiral Condensate in a Finite Volume pdfps Poul H. Damgaard, Hidenori Fukaya JHEP 0901:052,2009


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